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2017 was a time of decompression and exploration. 2018 is the year that we gather everything we have learned and share that with the world. We are pulling together dog-friendly travel resources, from city guides to our favorite supplies, even tips on all of the pesky paperwork that comes with taking your fur baby on the road (or across the sea). We will continue to share information about the wonderful partners from our original United States journey. We even will see a few pieces from guest bloggers and dog enthusiasts! And, of course, we will be releasing updates about the future book release and exhibits.

Lastly, we at Travels with Quigley are dedicated to sharing the joy of a derpy dog smile with those who need these images to survive the demands of everyday life. 😉 For your weekly dose of sweet, pure, delicious floofy joy, make sure to visit us every week for Tongue Out Tuesday.

dog friendly berlin



Briana & Quigley


Images ©Briana Moore.  Thank you for taking an interest in my work and all of the wonderful people & places that it represents.  Please connect more on my websiteFacebook, or scroll through daily updates on Instagram.


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Following Steinbeck Across America | An interview with Passion Passport

“Aiming to elevate the conversation from talking about things to talking about experiences.

Driven by a community of storytellers, photographers, and explorers united by the transformative power of travel.”


This is the mission of Passion Passport, an organization that I have admired for years. To say that I am honored to take part in this loving and motivating community does not even come close to what I am feeling as I share this interview with you all.


Read through the interview for insights not seen on the blog or social media. I encourage you all to not only take a look through our interview, but continue to dig deeper into the other travel stories and initiatives on the website! 🙂

Thank you so much to Britton, and the rest of the team over at Passion Passport, for taking interest in Travels with Quigley and for sharing a bit of our story with such care and enthusiasm.



Briana & Quigley



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TWQ Pawtner Spotlight: Old Stone Inn, a Niagara Falls Boutique Hotel

There are stories sprinkled throughout our journey which highlight the kindness of individuals and companies who offered compassion and assistance during unexpected times of difficulty. The first of these stories came upon us much more quickly than I had imagined, and this is how we came to stay with our first hotel partner on the road: Old Stone Inn.

canada tourism

During our stay in Vermont, the support beams for the water tank underneath the RV broke, ripping off the water and sewage pipe as they went. A more detailed recounting can be found in the upcoming book, but long story short: I wound up spending hours on my back, squeezed between the ground and RV plumbing, with James on FaceTime offering his mechanics advice, repairing the RV and allowing us to eventually get back on the road. Unfortunately, the heightened stress and exposure to germs resulted in my growing quite ill, a fact that became glaringly obvious during the ten-hour drive that we endured upon leaving our campsite. As we weaved through the mountains, cell service non-existent for hours at a time, I grew painfully aware that a few days of deep rest were becoming a necessity, and that simply parking the RV somewhere would not be suitable to our needs. Nervous to dip into our emergency budget so soon into the trip, and hoping that I could find something reasonable, I warily began to look at our alternatives. Looking over our itinerary, I opted to search for a dog-friendly hotel on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, a destination that, until now, we were merely meant to pass through.

I still don’t know if it was simply Canadian kindness, or if the charming French accents speaking on the phone were, in fact, belonging to a host of angels, but either way, the staff at Old Stone Inn were my saviors. Over a string of calls made from various wifi enabled rest stops, I communicated our situation, and they swiftly worked out a resolution.  We were offered a media rate, free parking for our RV, and even gifted a multi-course meal in their restaurant. When we needed to prolong our stay due to extended illness, we were moved to a larger space. Their customer service was exemplary. My only wish is that I could have enjoyed this incredible inn at peak health!

canada tourism

canada tourism

Old Stone Inn began as a Flour Mill in 1904. As a hotel, this space perfectly balances vintage and contemporary; a gorgeous structure of original stone & wood, plus beautifully arranged antique furniture, but with modern amenities, friendly staff and comfortable rooms.

Quigley and I rested and read from the comfort of our room, which was beautifully designed. Quigley was provided with his very own portable water bowl (to keep!) and a special door tag to let others know there was a dog inside the room. The lobby was decorated with lush plants and soft tufted couches, where Quigley happily perched and flirted with other guests. The meal provided by Flour Mill Restaurant, including Caprese salad, roast duck, creme brûlée, and a glass of Rosé, was exquisite. And while exhaustion kept me from enjoying the pool, a walk through the facilities left me with rather wistful, as a few laps in the heated pool would have topped off a truly lovely experience. 

travel blogger canada

While we rarely left the Inn, it was conveniently located just up the hill from Niagara Falls. Our walk to the falls was beautiful, and the route conveniently passes a few places to grab a bite or a coffee. Upon reaching lookout point, I was overwhelmed with emotion. The brisk, wet air momentarily revived my body and spirit. For the first time in days, an adventurous spark rekindled my enthusiasm for the road.

travel blogger canadatravel blogger canadatravel blogger canada

A fun fact: Quigley loves water, particularly when it makes bubbles. As we approached the falls, his silly grin grew large, and he could not wait to stretch himself up and take in the 2,200 foot stretch of bubbles forming at the bottom of the thunderous falls. Eventually, he sat atop the pillars of the fence and spent a few minutes smiling at the view. That smile is medicine in and of itself, and I joyfully took in a healthy dose.

travel blogger canada dog friendlytravel blogger canada

Thank Old Stone Inn for taking a difficult time and making it memorable (in the best way). When we find ourselves back in North America, we will definitely be returning.


Briana & Quigley


Images ©Briana Moore Photography.  Thank you for taking an interest in my work and all of the wonderful people & places that it represents.  Please connect more on my websiteFacebook, or scroll through daily updates on Instagram.

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TWQ Pawtner Spotlight: Pendleton Woolen Mills

Hello everyone! I can’t express how thrilled I am to finally return to blogging. Over the next few months, we will be taking time to honor each of our incredible partnerships, as well as sharing a few thoughts on dog-friendly travel. Additionally, be on the lookout for shout-outs to various publications that featured our journey. Their interviews revealed extra photos and trip details not yet seen by anyone outside of the kickstarter backers!

Even now, I can hardly believe that I am able to speak about a relationship with today’s spotlight: Pendleton Woolen Mills.

Pendleton is a brand close to my heart, particularly due to their connection to National Parks. I was raised just outside of Yosemite National Park, which began an ever-deepening love for these sacred spaces. Exposure to the relationship between Pendleton and our cherished National Park Service began quite early in life, and I can hardly think of one without the acknowledging the other.

But you might understandably ask, aside from a history of loving the brand, how does a partnership with Pendleton fit into the narrative of Travels with Quigley? As mentioned before, each of the brands and publications I worked with became a part of this project through overlapping passions & goals. The correlation is linked to a briefly troubling moment in my research – the first time I ever vehemently disagreed with John Steinbeck.

One distinctive contrast to his original journey was the decision to actively visit National Parks along the way. For all of Steinbeck’s inspiring prose and keen social observations, his negative opinion regarding national parks revealed that he is, in fact, merely human and flawed. 🙂  Granted, I am not intimately aware of the state of the park system in the 60’s, but they are some of my favorite places in the world today. I could not imagine a grand road trip through the US “In search of America” that did not honor these beauties!  And with that decision, I chose to reach out to Pendleton.

Not only was it an honor to simply speak with the marketing team, I was then overwhelmed with their enthusiasm. I can say with confidence that the people employed by Pendleton are as incomparable as the products they sell. Every individual that I had the pleasure of working with was kind, generous, encouraging, personable, and best of all, they understood my vision and jumped in wholeheartedly. They took my proposition and then built upon it in ways I had never imagined. While our excursions through the parks were made all the more meaningful with thoughtfully coordinated woolen goods, the people behind Pendleton were on my mind daily.  Every morning, I sent well wishes as I clipped one of their delightful leashes onto the matching collar, and headed out for our first walk of the day. From the cozy bundle that Quigley & I formed under our wool blankets in the evening, sleepy thanks floated their way.  Our experience with Pendleton was truly exceptional, and we will never forget how much their collaboration meant to this project. Literally, we can’t forget. These products last forever.  Quigley is even snoozing on his Yakima Camp Dog Bed as I type this.  🙂


pendletonBadlands National ParkPendleton Woolen MillsPendleton Woolen MillsPendleton Woolen MillsPNW photographerPendleton Woolen Millstravel photographer bloggeraustin lifestyle photographertravel photographerMarfa Texas El Cosmico photographerNew Orleans Photographertravel photographer bloggergreat smokey mountains national parkGreat smokey mountains national parkNashville Lifestyle Photographernashville lifestyle photographerNashville photographerUrban Cowboy BnB Nashvilletravel photographer bloggerPendleton Woolen MillsNew york lifestyle photographerPendleton Woolen Millsbrand photographerBig Lebowskitravel photographer bloggertravel photographer pet

If you love gorgeous high-quality clothing and home goods, and you would love to support our National Parks, consider purchasing a few holiday gifts from Pendleton this year! Not only do they have great markdowns and holiday sales, but a portion of the proceeds is donated to the National Park Foundation.You can check out what’s going on here: https://www.pendleton-usa.com/

Additionally, consider joining me as a member of the National Parks Conservation Association. Now, more than ever, we need to come together to protect these treasures. Donate today, and your gift will be matched 100%, dollar-for-dollar, up to $100,000.

 To the entire team at Pendleton, thank you for all of your generous support.  As I said during our initial contact, it is important to me that any organization I work with is one that I believe in. My partners are those that I have already personally supported in the past with my patronage, and I will continue to promote long after the project is finished. In me, you have a lifelong admirer.


Briana (and Quigley)

PS: Quigley’s adorable smile is featured on posters in Dillards. If you spot him in the wild, please do send a photo! 🙂

Parks Visited:  Acadia, Badlands, Yellowstone, Olympic, Redwoods, Joshua TreeSaguaro, CongareeGreat Smoky Mountains


Images ©Briana Moore Photography.  Thank you for taking an interest in my work and all of the wonderful people & places that it represents.  Please connect more on my websiteFacebook, or scroll through daily updates on Instagram.




I love a good wall. As a photographer, I find myself seeking them out during each stop on my route. Their unique characteristics delight me, and my fingers instinctively reach for the nearest camera in order to share each find with the everyone else who has this thing with walls. I’m not alone. There are countless hashtags and scavengers hunts dedicated to this photographic trend.

Recently, I found myself struggling with walls of a metaphorical kind. Some days, you don’t just enjoy a wall in passing, rather, you run smack into it. And then you are simply stuck. Creatively, physically, spiritually. We feel like it comes out of nowhere, but if we look just a bit deeper, we can see the choices and circumstances that led to that proverbial dead end.



Along the route, I wanted to find a way to share a few highlights of my story with you– everything I saw, heard, touched, smelled, and all that I experienced– yet I was unable to push beyond this mental and emotional barrier. I attempted to break through, to scale its height, even to simply walk the length in search of a way around. I found myself bruised, scraped, and weary in the process.

The stones that made up this towering rampart are varied in depth and weight. Layers stack higher with each leg of the journey. One brick laid for car troubles, another for that photo opportunity or conversation that I missed. A row for loneliness. An imperfectly laid tier over concern for Quigley’s delicate health. That second story balcony with the granite gargoyle? We’ll just attribute that to the election drama. The mortar holding it all together was mixed with one part caffeine, 2 parts sheer will.



Please don’t get me wrong, this adventure was an absolute wonder and a joy to experience. That is evident as I look upon the wall. My friends etched encouraging messages into the mortar as it dried, and much of the graffiti was cleaned off by the kindness of strangers. Splashed across it are a multitude of colorful murals, each depicting magnificent landscapes or significant revelations. But the good, in all of its splendor, is still part of the wall. I would love to be able to list concrete examples, or give you an anecdote from the road. But those bits of concrete are piled up and hidden inside this massive structure standing in front of me. This journey as a whole is something that will take a significant time to process. Something I have only just begun to take on. I even avoided many literal walls lately, because they are looming reminders of the difficulties that come with such an undertaking. Come to think of it, this is likely why I obsessively shared plants for a time. Allow me to explain…

Breaking through is not as easy as one might believe. Even the loosened stones can be too heavy to pry away in a weakened state. If you hit them too hard, you likely wind up injured, and set back further than you were before. But what are we to do?



In times like these, I remind myself to simply turn my back on the wall, and notice the potential that is already within my grasp. Right where I stand, I can plant new ideas, pursue new creative outlets. When I stop obsessing over the wall, I began to take care of myself. During this time of processing, I have been able to see this trip with new eyes, and look well beyond what I originally imagined it could be. New opportunities within the project have already presented themselves. Right now, I’m simply letting my musings breathe. These ideas need the freedom to develop and flourish as they may.

The wall is still there, but it does not cast a shadow upon me any longer. I am confident that over time, these new seeds of possibility will grow lush and strong, taking root in the cracks and crevices of that once daunting barricade, and slowly tear it apart.

Beauty in the breakdown, indeed.



Thank you to everyone who has been by my side through this process. I’m excited to say that aside from the book (which is a large task), the kickstarter rewards are on track. I can’t wait to get these into your hands. 🙂